2011 VGCI Convention Photos

The members of VGCI decided to do a group effort and display one (sometimes two) exceptional pieces from as many glass manufactures as possible.  Approximately 100 makers were displayed, from 1840’s to the present. Our efforts paid off with 2 FIRST PLACE AWARDS:

MOST BEAUTIFUL and MOST EDUCATIONAL.  The awards were certificates
and paperweights.

2011 awards

THE DISPLAY PHOTOS! Pieces shown: (back row, left to right):  WMF honey amber hobnail vase; Jack Loranger red-feathered vase, James Whitehurst decorative fish goblet, Loetz ‘Rainbow’ bowl.

(middle row, L to R): EPIC candy dish by Viking, MAPLE LEAF by Gillinder, 1000 EYE large and small carriage attributed to Adams & Co., LOG CABIN by Central Glass, Recumbent Horse double inkwell by Central Glass.

(fron row, L to R):  BARREL match holder & LION match holder by Bayel & Clairey, Two Parrots by Bayel, Small handled salt by Sowerby, VICTORIA two-toned candlestick by Reich & Co.

Pieces shown (back row,  L to R): QUEEN’S CROWN pressed glass epergne by Davidson, French decorated ‘ostrich egg’ candy dish (maker unknown), ‘Danse De Lumiere’ Lamp by McKee, Vase by Daum (Nancy, France).

(Middle row, L to R): Green-to-Vaseline cut glass lake scene by Val St. Lambert, Red-to-Vaseline perfume by Galle, marked ‘Richard’), Buddha lamp with original elephant base by Gillinder.

(Front row, L to R): Oil lamp by Levay, covered Dog House bY Bryce
Bros., WORLDS FAIR 1893 (etched) mug by Libbey, WEBB-CORBETT vaseline-cut-to-clear spider and web paperweight.

Pieces shown (back row, L to R): Vase by Daum (Nancy), OSCAR’S LEGACY by Oscar Haase (stained-glass window tile), BROCKWITZ pair of decorated beer steins, CUPID & VENUS milk pitcher by
Richards & Hartley.

(Middle row, L to R): Mosser ACORN spooner, JOCKEY CAP novelty butter dish by King & Co., DEGENHART mug (marked with ‘D’ within a heart logo on base), HARRACH striped vaseline opalescent ewer with applied pink flowers.

(Front row, L to R):  Figural Dog by Baccarat, Four glass POOCHES by Boyd, with aluminum metal casting from original mold, BIRDS IN NEST WITH FLOWERE with KITTEN (on bottom of mug) by Challinor & Taylor, Rubina Verde custard cup by Phoenix, Swirled cranberry and opalescent

vaseline paperweight by Rollin Karg.

Pieces shown (back row, L to R): contemporary Czech Republic piece: blue-cut-to-vaseline vase; Corning 1913 railroad signal lens; U.S. GRANT memorial plate, Campbell, Jones & Co.; Two piece miniature table epergne by Vallerysthal.

Middle row, L to R: Westmoreland reproduction 9″ sleigh by Summit Glass Co.; Double Lemonescent marmalade with custom-made Sterling Silver frame (Glass by Thomas Webb);  Hoffman ‘Girl in Bath’ reproduction by Desna;  Yutec reproduction covered sugar bowl by Kemple Glass;

Front row, L to R: Petal & Ball master salt by Boston & Sandwich;  Covered Honeypot by Molieaux & Webb; ALASKA sugar bowl by Northwood;

Covered Honeypot by Percival, Vickers & Co., Heinrich Hoffman soap dish.

Pieces shown (back row, L to R) partial view of Greener & Co. water set; Large two-color Murano piece, BLOSSOM water set by Okra Glass Co. (Richard P. Golding signed), Imperial Hobnail lamp.

Middle row:  COLUMN BLOCK condiment set, Dagger by Gibson (back side of box)

Front row, L to R:  PETTICOAT syrup by Riverside; Sword by Gibson (front side of box), Wilkerson VGCI convention paperweight.

Pieces shown (back row, L to R): Imperial hobnail lamp, L.G. Wright epergne (made by Fenton);  Belmont #100 footed compote.

Middle row, L to R:  NAUTILUS covered candy by Duncan & Miller, Double TABLE CHARM set by Fostoria.

Front:  RIBBED SPIRAL bowl with attached metal foot by Model Flint Glass Co. (aka: Albany Glass).

Pieces shown (back row, L to R): Triple water lily vase by John Walsh Walsh; KNIGHTS OF LABOR bread plate by Bakewell, Pears & Co., ELLMORE Daisy and Button footed compote by Geo. Duncan & Sons; SPIDER & LEAVES cameo vase by Galle; Fishbowl with 3-dolphin feet by U.S. Glass Co.

Front row, L to R: Rubina Verde Opalescent Hobnail syrup by Hobbs, Brockunier & Co., Alligator/shell whimsey by Richardson; purple & vaseline vase by Palme Konig; PALM BEACH pitcher by National Glass Co.

Pieces shown (back row, L to R) (partial fishbowl by USGC); Cut vasewith attached rings by Pairpoint; LIBERTY bread plate by Ripley & Co. covered goblet (decklepokal) by Pavel Hosek, contemporary artist from Czech Republic; DANCING LADIES urn by Fenton.

Front row:  LIFE SAVER decanter by McKee, Daisy and Button with V ornament by Beatty & Sons; Chuck Boux hand-formed fish, Moser vase.

Close up of BUDDHA by Gillinder. (elephant base/mirrored back).  McKee and Daum in background.

Close up of LOVE AFFINITY double vase (lost wax method) on top of original box.  Made by Heinrich Wang, Taiwan.

Val St. Lambert (green vase); Swan decorated candy box; Red RICHARDS perfume, made by Galle; covered doghouse toothpick or match by Bryce Bro., World’s Fair 1893 Libbey Glass Co.

Pieces shown: all 4 known colors of TWISTED ROPE by Jefferson Glass Co.

Pieces shown:  Close up of LIFE SAVER decanter by McKee, with USGC fishbowl and Pairpoint vase in background.

RECUMBENT HORSE double Inkwell by Central Glass Co.

Acknowledgements go out to the following who brought their glass (some by air in their suitcases), and took the time and effort to participate in this group project: Tom & Janice Foozer, Bob Harry/Robert Leal, Squeaker and Ike Bootsma, Bob and Janet Peper, Frank & Melissa Keathley, Sandy and Gordy Hibbs, Nancy Tompkins, Nancy Hillman, Madolyn Courter, Nancy Haddock, Marilyn Hallock, Mike DiGennaro, and Dave Peterson.

Some display pieces are not shown, due to a fuzzy photo on that shot, and apologies go out if your piece is missing.

All photos by Dave Peterson. Copying photos for reference and study is OK. Copying photos to use in any commercial venture (such as linking photos to any auction web site) is NOT OK. Don’t do it. We will find you and very bad things may happen.