EAPG Extravaganza

Photos by Dave Peterson

I recently received a rare invitation to view a collection belonging to a couple that has collected EAPG since 1960.  This couple collects any EAPG that is unusual, interesting, or to add to a pattern that they collect. They literally have 100+ honey dishes, with multiples by both maker, color and size.  They also enjoy water sets, berry sets, unusual novelty pieces, and a some art glass pieces that strike their fancy.

I spent over 5 hours photographing pieces that caught my eye. My personal interest is in vaseline glass, so I tried to photograph as much of that color as I could.  I also took pictures of other historially significant pieces that just are not seen outside of museums or long-term private collections such as what this couple has collected.

EACH PHOTO can be clicked on for a larger view. Pieces have been identified when they are known.

One of their favorite patterns is PETTICOAT by Riverside Glass. This pattern was made in clear, clear with gold, vaseline, and vaseline with gold. They have collected multiples in each variety/shape.  I took pictures of some of the more rare pieces, but not all of the pieces they own in this pattern.

petticoat condiment setPETTICOAT: Oil/Salt/Pepper set on tray +molasses jar.

2 sizes Creamer/sugarPETTICOAT: outside: regular size Creamer/Sugar; Inside: “breakfast size”

4 hat sizes4 sizes of hats, with and without gold accents.

ice cream & berryThe ruffled version is an ice cream set, round versions are berry sets.

water, celery, mugWater set, celery, straight toothpick, and a rare handled child’s mug.

Jelly and mustardVaseline (with and without gold) jelly dishes and a clear mustard with lid.

4 spoonersFour spooners:  2nd from right is RADIANT, with Petticoat ‘influence’.

MORE RIVERSIDE:  DERBY water set and table set.  The second row is GRASSHOPPER VARIANT with small berry to show size comparison. The ruby flashed sugar bowl is called RIVERSIDE’S RIVERSIDE, aka: RIVERSIDE’S NATIONAL.  It is the only ruby flashed set ever made in vaseline glass.

derbyDerby table set

grasshopper variantNational sugar bowl

This set is CARNELIAN by Northwood, now generally called
EVERGLADES.  It was opalescent & gold decorated.  These
two photos show the shapes of the berry and water set in the first
photo and the table set in the second photo.

berry and water setseverglades table set

Here is an unidentified water set in Rubina Verde (with palm trees) and a vaseline and blue water set by Kralik:

Palm Tree water setkralik water set

The bulbous Rubina Verde POLKA DOT water sets (left) was made by Geo. Duncan & Sons.  The way to tell the difference is in the reeded handle.  Duncan and Hobbs both made this shape, but Hobbs used a smooth handle.  The tall narrow ‘tankard’ on the left is a typical form for Hobbs, Brockunier & Co. ana has a smooth handle.  While this shape is not shown in any illustrations for Hobbs in the Polka Dot pattern, it IS shown in their Coral/Peach Blow colors.

POLKA DOT water setPOLKA DOT tankard set

The collection had numerous shapes and colors of IRIS WITH MEANDER by Jefferson Glass Company.

Iris Blue Water setIris Blue table setIris 3 colors

Some more Jefferson Glass items, both are Swag withBrackets:  A table set in blue with gold decor, and two blue pitchers, one gold decor, the other opalecsent.

Blue Swag & Brackets Table setSwag w/ Brackets water pitchers

There are many terms that come to mind when this next piece (ruby and clear dolphin compote) is seen in person:  “MASSIVE” was one that hit me first.  It was about 14″ tall, and the top diameter of the bowl was at least 12″. The top bowl connects to the clear satin dolphin with an inset hole on the underside of the bowl, and then plaster of paris was used.  The piece had to weigh at least 5-7 pounds. The maker is unknown.  The person who sold it to the owners was told that it could possibly be Baccarat.  The second photo is of a art glass dish that has a center flower that was made by alternating layers of vaseline and cranberry glass.  It appears to be Czechoslovakia, but was unmarked.  The iridized/pulled decoration vase, followed by the Italian covered compote, are also from unknown makers.

dolphin compoteart glass compoteunknown covered compote

These two pitchers are both Northwood.  The Green opalescent is DAFFODIL, and the Cranberry is Chrysanthemum Swirl.

Daffodil & Chrysanthemum

Overshot champagneOvershot Champagne pitcher and two goblets, all with snake ornaments attached (maker unknown).

The owners enjoy unusual covered dishes:

5 bee butter dishesBryce Bros: all known colors of the Bee(or Fly) covered HONEY, including Amethyst!

Central Glass Honey dishesCentral Glass: 2 sizes of HONEY and all can be found in blue, amber, canary, & clear.

King Glass buttersking helmet in clearJockey Cap Butter & Two Helmet butters, both by King Glass Co.

Dewey Bust & Majestic LionDEWEY BUST by Greentown Glass and MAJESTIC LION covered dish (unknown, circa 1870s).

Bee Hive butter dishesBee Hive butter dishes by unknown maker.

Maude S & Shamrock butters“MAUDE S” by Ripley, and SHAMROCK FLANGED butter by Bryce Bros.

Squirrel & AcornTwo novelty finial butter dishes: Squirrel (left) and Acorn (right).  Maker unknown.

Duncan boat with frameGeo. Duncan & Sons vaseline boat in Wilcox silverplate frame, circa 1880’s.

Statue of LibertySTATUE OF LIBERTY cake plate on standard, by Aetna Glass Co.

Compote with Satin BoyThis compote features a little boy (in satin finish), clutching the upright standard (maker unknown).

Atterybury fishCovered fish dish in amber, by Atterbury Glass, complete with original glass insert eyes.

2 glass housesBryce Dog house in amber and unknown larger covered house in clear glass.

Canton Swan compoteCanton Swan WaterCanton Glass Co. “SWAN” compote and water pitcher.

Cow dishThe cow top was satin on only the ‘cow’ portion.  The feet are cow hooves.  Maker unknown.

D&B covered dishThis covered dish with a grape and grape leaves pattern has a vaseline Daisy & Button insert.

hog covered dishBOAR covered dish (maker unknown). The bottom of dish has an XXX molded into the glass.

Vallerysthal Fly & WalnutWALNUT & FLY covered dish by Vallerysthal.

iron and stoveIRON covered butter (unknown maker) and STOVE castor by Central Glass Co.

LaBelle butter dishesTwo LaBelle DEWDROP butter dishes, 2nd one is blue top & rare clear w/ opalescent base.

Until an original RIVERSIDE catalog was discovered in 2000, the original maufacturer of CABBAGE LEAF (aka: Frosted Cabbage Leaf) was not known.  It was originally made as Riverside’s No. 135 WARE.  One page in that catalog showed several pieces.  The Butter and Celery were both shown, but not the tall compote (next to celery) or the large covered plate, most likely a cheese plate. Any piece in color is rare, and the collection included the Butter in amber.

Cabbage butterCabbage compote & celerycheese dish

butter dish w/ handlePie-wedge shaped butter dish with handle, maker unknown.

Unknown honey dishCovered vaseline glass honey dish by unknown maker.

aquarium pitchersAQUARIUM pitchers in clear and green.  Originally by Ripley, later by U.S. Glass.

Atterbury pickle dishAtterbury FISH PICKLE, Pat. 6/4/1872.  11″ long X 4 1/2″ wide. most likely European maker, circa 1900s.

Lizard sugar bowl“Lizard on Strawberry” covered sugar bowl with highly detailed Lizard finial.  circa 1902.

blue & amber hatA novelty covered hat in blue and amber (a marriage, but it shows it came in at least 2 colors!).

Log Cabin Water3 pc log cabinA few of the LOG CABIN pieces in the collection (Central Glass #748)

The next three items are JUMBO elephants, all by different makers.  The first is a complete table set of JUMBO & BARNUM, distinguished by the Barnum head busts at the base of the handles.  The next covered dish (clear body) is 4 3/8″ high and 6″ long.  The last JUMBO (satin) is truly a ‘jumbo’ piece, measuring well over 12 inches tall!  Makers are unknown.

Jumbo table setMed. covered JumboSATIN JUMBO!

Mavis SwirlMavis Swirl in vaseline opalescent by
Albany Glass Co.

Dahlia & Diamond PitchersSTIPPLED DAHLIA or EMPIRE (McKee) and
PRESSED DIAMOND (Central) water

Valencia waffle green setVALENCIA WAFFLE by Adams in apple green:
pitcher, tray, relish, 2 goblets.

3 overshot piecesThree matching vases in Cranberry
‘overshot’ glass with vaseline rigaree and footed bases.

Webb Rainbow OvershotRAINBOW overshot glass pitcher by Webb Glass, England.

owl & pussycatOwl & Pussy Cat covered cheese with matching base.  This dish could hold a cake!

Cucumber dishCucumber covered dish in blue (8″ long) by Bryce Higbee & Co., circa 1887.

Large GOOD LUCK wheelbarrowGOOD LUCK large wheelbarrow (with Pewter wheel) by Adams & Co.

Pennsylvania patternRare ruby & blue decorated PENNSYLVANIA butter & sugar by U.S. Glass Co.

The SHIELD & EMBLEM (aka: BULLET-EMBLEM) set is historial glass. Most references list it as a Spanish American War souvenir.  The second photo is a close-up of the butter. There was a note in the sugar bowl that was there from the previous owner, stating that it had taken that owner 35 years to assemble these 4 pieces.  No other shapes have been discovered.

Shield Emblem table setShield Emblem butter

Shield ButterA different SHIELD pattern, also a butter dish (maker unknown).

Bryce BANNER butterThree colors of the BANNER butter by Bryce Bros.  (Blue was also made.)

3 square buttersThree colors of D&B square butter dishes (maker unknown).

D&B Thin BandD&B With REEDED HANDLE by Gillinder & Sons (aka: D&B w/ thin bars).

Diamond SpearheadDIAMOND SPEARHEAD (National Glass) in 4 sized, in cobalt or sapphire opalescent.

trunk boxA large TRUNK covered box (unknown maker).

Musique covered boxMUSIQUE container by Portieux, commonly called CANNON ON A DRUM, circa 1933.

Turtle covered dishA covered TURTLE dish with a snail finial (unknown maker).

turtle butter dishA SEA TURTLE butter dish (maker unknown).

Rose SprigROSE SPRIG by Campbell, Jones & Co., large compote, 7″ tall, 10″ top diameter.

And to end on a high note:  While the collection was spectacular, this final photo takes the collection to a whole different level! As was mentioned earlier, this couple is the most fond of honey dishes.  This is a pair of LACY GOTH ARCH AND HEART rectangular honey dishes WITH UNDERPLATES and with both styles of lids that were made!  The one on the left is the DOMED COVER, the one on the right is the STEPPED COVER.  These were both made by Boston & Sandwich Glass Co., circa 1835-1845.  The matching trays are called LACY HEART TRAY and they are the correct trays for these two dishes.  These are shown in the Barlow & Kaiser series on B&S Glass as illustration #3245 & #3247.  They are also shown in Ruth Webb Lee’s book on Sandwich Glass, plate #168.

Gothic Arch pair

All photos by Dave Peterson, copyright 2008.  No photos can be used without permission.