Vaseline Glass was made by a variety of makers, both during the victorian times and in modern times. The following list tells something about the a few of the makers and their glassware. This list is by no means complete, but just a brief history of a few of the more popular companies to produce Vaseline Glass.  We have tried to add a picture under the description of the various glass makers to show some of the patterns made. (If you have a good photo of one of the manufacturers that have no photo displayed, please send it to the email address below and we will try to add it!)


"No. 2 & No. 3 Gypsy Pots, with lids", Adams & Co., ca 1885-1895.
Wildflower Turtle Salt, Adams & Co., c. mid-1880's.
ABC/CLOCK child's plate in 1000 EYE pattern, Adams & Co., mid-1880's.
Adams Wheelbarrow saltGOOD LUCK small wheelbarrow salt or match safe, Adams & Co., 1882.
ABC mugA rare CHILDREN & A.B.C.D. mug in vaseline glass, Adams & Co., circa mid-1880's
No. 335 1/2, also known as HOBNAIL IN SQUARE by Aetna Glass, introduced in 1886. Baccarat open salt (or nut cup), 2.5" diameter X 1.75" tall, c. pre-1900. Bayel Crystal Parrot and Cockatoo - age unknown, but contemporary. spoonerOver All Hobs footed spooner by A.J. Beatty & Co. tobacco jar & pickle castor"Beaumont's Columbia" tobacco jar pickle castor, ca. 1893 (with pickle jar catalog illustration as insert).
FLORA spooner, by Beaumont, circa 1898.
Paneled Rosettes Goblet, Bellaire Goblet Co., c. 1885-1888.
train cookie jarTrain Cookie Jar, Bellaire Goblet Co.
Footed cakeplate by Belmont Glass Co.
Belmont #100 ice cream set.
A grouping of Bohemian goblets, made in the Biedermeier age, circa 1840. HORN OF PLENTY pressed glass plate, Boston & Sandwich, c. 1850's.
Boston & Sandwich Glass Co. cologne bottle, c. 1840-1870.
bulls-eye saltPRESSED BALL AND GROOVE SALT by Boston and Sandwich
This candlewick dish (limited to 200 pcs.) was made for VGCI. "LORNE" butter dish, made by Bryce Bros. Co.
"Fashion" toothpick holders by Bryce Bros., Co.
SHELDON SWIRL (aka, No. 528, Reverse Swirl), Buckeye Glass Co., circa 1888.
Elephant flower holder (Rd. 64234)
Mermaid flower holder (Rd. 44445)
Shoe flower vase (Rd. 65455)
Flower Trough in boat shape (Rd. 29106)
Wall bracket for flowers (Rd. 39807)
Swan flower vase (Rd. 20086)
VOLSTEAD dog novelty flip up bedside decanter, by Cambridge Glass Co., c. 1923.
Keg decanter#1 KEG set in transparent vaseline with original ebony stand & underplate.  It was also made in frosted vaseline.
FISH creamer, Central Glass Co., c. mid-1880's.
BARREL spooner, Central Glass Co., c. mid-1880's.
Extremely rare! Oval Flower Bowl, pattern No. 764.
Stove castor base, pattern No. 822, approximately 1887.
Child's mug BIRD WITH NEST ON FLOWERS by Challinor, Taylor & Co.
Lace-edge compote by Challinor, Taylor & Co.
"No. 130 Currier and Ives cup, by Coop Flint Glass Co. TRAILING VINE card receiver whimsey, made from a sugar base mold, circa 1904. "William and Mary" pattern, lampshade, c. 1900 by Davidson.
War of the Roses canoe with vintage metal carriage, c. 1893 by Davidson.
"Shell" ice cream dish, illustrated in 1912 Davidson catalog
SomersetSomerset water set.  LINK shows other pieces in the pattern.
degenhart miniature dogsThese Deganhart dogs are solid glass and named "Louise".
"Gypsy Kettle" by Degenhart Glass Co.
Lion's Paw furniture coaster by Derbyshire, late 19th century. "Hobnail with Thumbprint Base" fingerbowl, made by Doyle & Co.
"Hobnail with Thumbprint Base" salt and pepper set, made by Doyle & Co.
doyle acornACORN PICKLE by Doyle & Co., circa 1880s.
"Corn Vase" by Dugan Glass "Sailor Cap" Open Salt dish, Duncan, circa 1886
Duncan 5-bottle castor set, c. 1885 (photo courtesy Gary Wilson)
Nautical Candy Jar in the Sanibel pattern by Duncan & Miller.
Nautical anchor compote, one of two known to exist in vaseline opalescent!
Dessert coupe and matching underplate, Fedorovsk Brothers, Russia, c. 1850. Fenton "cat on fount" figurine, 2002. Double "Table Charms" set by Fostoria french lacy saltFrench Lacy Salt, circa 1840-1845, extremely rare in this color, maker unknown.
Gibson EggVaseline carnival egg with amethyst feathered pattern, 2001.
Unmarked Gibson "10 Gallon Hat" in crackle glass.
Partial place setting of "Maple Leaf" by Gillinder & Sons.
Gillinder BUDDHA, circa 1930's. (the stand is not part of the original Buddha)
Greener was given a registration number for these rustic twig handles on March 27, 1888.  The piece is unmarked.
Greener BasketsThese two baskets were made from the same mold as the one shown above.
Rd. 304505This pattern was registered on Sept. 3, 1997 and is marked Rd. 304505.
Rd. 514796This pattern was registered on Oct. 31, 1907 and is Rd. 514796.
GEORGE PEABODYThis commemorative cup and Saucer was made a month after the death of George Peabody (full story in linked photo).

"Pineapple & Fan" Canary Opalescent, by Heisey
"Winged Scroll" Nappy, by Heisey
Two 'Hobnail' tumblers from Hobbs, Brockunier & Co.
A Hobbs Toy Tumbler and Toy Lemonade Pitcher.  The tumblers were also sold as toothpick holders.
A Hobbs MALTESE & RIBBON celery vase in rare vaseline.
Polka Dot catalogAn 8" diameter POLKA DOT Rubina Verde bowl, circa 1884.
No. 1706 lampshadeThis is shape No. 1706, Dew Drop lampshade in Rubina Verde Opalescent, with vintage lamp, circa 1886.
Hoffman trinket or soap dish, Art Deco Period (1920's) Imperial #78, high standard candy dish with lace trim,  circa 1960's - 1970's.
"Star Spray" (OMN No. 629B) Mayonnaise set, c. 1926, Imperial Glass Co.
MMA (marked) repro of old Hobbs boat, Imperial, c. 1975
"Toy dustpan" by Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Co. 1907 ad showing Iris w/ Meander toothpick. Note price!
Swag & Brackets & Iris: the only 2 Jefferson TP's made in vaseline!
Rollin Karg original paperweight, 1999 "Yutec" reproduction by Kemple Glass Co., c. mid 1960's. King Glass Co, "stove" salt shaker, four inches tall.
JOCKEY butter, attributed to King Glass due to similarity to the HELMET butter design

King Soap dishNO. 308 BRACKET SOAP dish by King Glass, circa 1880's.
loranger glassA grouping of glass made by Jack Loranger during the past few years.
Spooner in "Queen" pattern by McKee and Brothers, 1894. "Acorn" carnival and vaseline compote, made by Millersburg Glass Co.
"Grape Leaves" carnival vaseline bowl, made by Millersburg Glass Co.
Mosser ACORN & LEAF spooner, made in 2001. Ladies Spittoon, 'WREATH & SHELL' pattern from Model Flint Glass (Nat'l Glass).
GARLAND OF ROSES dish by one of the National Glass Co. factories.
grape bon bonNorthwood GRAPE bon-bon (aka: Grape and Cable), circa 1910-15.  
MEMPHIS butter dish by Northwood.
SUNBURST-ON-SHIELD (DIADEM) whimsey platter, circa 1905.
MIKADO nappy, with internal pattern and flower pattern on base, circa 1905
"RETICULATED CORD" compote by O'Hara Glass Co.
castor setCOLUMN BLOCK castor set in vaseline with glass amber foot and metal peg-style handle.
CANARIA "Colias" cut/engraved pattern/sterling silver base, by Pairpoint. Creamer made by the Pilgrim Glass Co., c. 1970's. "Kitten on Pillow" toothpick holder by Richards & Hartley.
grace"GRACE" pickle castor (also known as ORIENTAL), circa 1881, continued by U.S. Glass Co. after 1891
cupid venus milkCUPID & VENUS milk pitcher, circa 1875.
Two Posey vases attributed to Richardson, Stourbridge region of England.
Crocodile novelty, circa 1890.
CLOCK w/ SCALLOPED EDGE, (USGC factory 'F', Ripley), c. 1890's.
CAT ON A CUSHION toy cup and saucer, Ripley Glass, prior to 1891, and US Glass after 1891.
National Star covered sugar bowl, with Ruby casing, by Riverside Glass Co. sw bucket'WOODEN ICE BUCKET' by Schmid Verriers at Vannes-le-Chatel, circa unknown, but before 1962.
         "BY CRACKY" sherbet and underplate, by L. E. Smith.   Steuben vaseline glass: Bristol, Citron, Jade Yellow.
Steuben #686 candlesticks in Citron Yellow.
whimsey hornWhimsey horn attributed to Stevens & Williams.  It will play, and can also be used as a bud vase!
ArboresqueARBORESQUE by Stevens & Williams, circa 1930.

Double pistols with fount attached and single pistol in foreground, Summit, 2001. Palm BeachPALM BEACH berry bowl by U.S. Glass Co.
MEDALLION goblet, by one of the factories of U.S. GLASS CO. combine.
ARTICHOKE covered sugar by Vallerysthal, in pressed flint glass, c. 1908-1910.
CRATE by Vallerysthal, with separate lid, circa early 1900's.
FLY ON WALNUT covered sugar, circa early 1900's.
SNAIL ON STRAWBERRY covered sugar, circa early 1900's.
Double color cut crystal vase and perfume atomizer, unknown date.
This monsterous vase is double color cut, ruby to vaseline.  The small salt gives the viewer an idea of the size.
This little dresser powder pot is part of a larger dresser set.  It is double cut, ruby to vaseline.  The finial is clear crystal.
This ring holder is also a part of the dresser set.  The ring is a man's size 15 ring with cut vaseline glass 'diamond'.
The back dish is a pin tray, the front dish is a covered tray.  Both are part of the dresser set.

Three piece guest set.  The pattern name for this was recently discovered:  VALAMBERT
twist stemTwisty stem (reg. 1891) incorporated into OPALINE BROCADE (1897). click image to see 4 pieces with twisty stems.
opaline brocadeOPALINE BROCADE, squatty vase, 6.5" diameter, 4.5" tall.
Opaline Brocade lampshadeOPALINE BROCADE lampshade, 4" fitter, click image for 4 different lighting views.
Vesta VenetianVESTA VENETIAN small lampshade.
opaline brocade redOPALINE BROCADE in a 'rubina verde opalescent' motif (courtesy Bob Harry/Robert Leal).
water lily table setJust one of many shapes in the WATER LILY range, circa 1903 (courtesy Bob Harry/Robert Leal)
A trio grouping of posey vases, all sitting on a vaseline glass base.  Each vase can be removed.  A Unique piece!
double marmalade"Lemonescent" double marmalade.  The frame is contemporary, based on the design of an original single frame.
lemonescent vase"Lemonescent" vase with cranberry internal striping.  Click on the photo for additional views.
creamer and sugar"Lemonescent" creamer and sugar with cranberry internal striping.  Matches the vase above.
webb drapesThis was a registered design from Thomas Webbb & Sons.  Generically called DRAPES.  Circa 1900, made in a variety of colors & heights.

I.O.U. Pattern Celery dish with Gold Gilding, West Virginia Glass Co., 1898. Dolphin-footed vase, c. 1940's.
Satin and decorated fairy lamp, with original paper label (bottom right on foot).
purpleA Whitehurst Jack-in-the-Pulpit vase, 2001
A Whitehurst Fish vaseline and cobalt goblet, standing 11 inches tall, 2001
Contemporary 'FROG' butter dish made from an old mold.

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