Unknown NOVELTY items
made from Vaseline Glass

Novelty glass in the 1880's was anything that was new.  It did not mean that it was only meant to be used as something to collect dust.  It might have been sold as a souvenir or as a container for candy to be sold.  The 'Manufacturer's Page' has numerous novelties shown, but the makers of those items are known through catalogs and research.  Some of these unknowns were made in Europe, some in the USA.  Most were during the Victorian-era of the 1880's. If you know who made any of these, please share your information.


This ice bucket is 5" in diameter (top rim) and 4 3/4" tall.  It is marked S V on the inside bottom.

Flower Basket with handle, NOW IDENTIFIED AS MADE BY DOYLE/U.S. GLASS, 1891. (click here)
English Boat NOW IDENTIFIED AS DAVIDSON Rd. #243116 (10/26/1894)
Candy container: "A Present For A Good Girl" on the side.
Child's Plate with Alphabet, Months, Days, Clock and Numbers. IDENTIFIED AS McKEE GLASS (from orig. Catalog).
Child's cradle, about 5" long, USA made.
Crown Inkwell, actually a counterfeit, European made, no date.
Small Dustpan, probably USA made.
Eiffel Tower candlesticks, European made.
Head vase, probably French.
10" tall cigar lighter, with elephant feet, most likely Hobbs, but no proof.
Purse-shaped Toothpick holder, USA made.
Pair of British Shoes with metal trim.
Sietz Bath, USA made.  No practical purpose at all!
Small Sleigh salt dish (different than Rose Sprig).
Spittoon Toothpick holder, probably British. IDENTIFIED: 1970's AA IMPORTS, from old catalog.
Child's top (it is surprising that any survived!)
This is believed to be a smoke set.  The cigarettes go in the bucket and the matches in the skuttle.
Umbrella toothpick holder with blue base, probably European.
Wheelbarrow with pewter wheel, USA made.

If you have an unknown novelty in vaseline glass to share, please email it to the webmaster and it will either be identified, or added to this page!

Recommended reading regarding toy novelties:
VASELINE GLASS: CANARY TO CONTEMPORARY, By David A. Peterson, copyright 2002 by Antique Publications, P.O. Box 553, Marietta, OH 45750. ISBN: 1-57080-087-1
VICTORIAN GLASS NOVELTIES, by Jo & Bob Sanford, copyright 2003, published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 4880 Lower Valley Rd., Atglen, PA, 19310.  ISBN: 0-7643-1703-2

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Thanks go to Steve S., Joe H., Nick D., Tom F., Dave P. and Frank K. for sharing photos!