Vaseline Art Glass

Art Glass is only limited to the level of creativity of the glass worker who creates it.

The following photos are a sampling of art glass pieces that are made either wholly or partially with vaseline glass as part of the object. Some pieces may look like they contain no vaseline glass, but it may be that the item has a base glass of vaseline and then is cased in another color and cutting is done to show the vaseline underneath. Other pieces may use vaseline glass as part of an accent color. The glass shown below is in no particular order and there is no glossary describing who made it, when made, or what it is worth.
NONE of the glass is for sale, though we all wish it was.

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Oh, one more thing: Some photos have an added bonus when you look at the larger image, so don’t skip any!

Special thanks to the following for allowing the use of their photos and or glass to be photographed: Frank and Melissa, Steve and Radka, Madolyn, Tom, Gary, James, Butch, and Dave. If you have glass shown here, please let me know and I will include your name in the acknowledgements.

All photos are for use on the VGCI website only and cannot be duplicated or copied without written permission from the photographer and VGCI. Copyright 2003, all rights reserved.